Everlast Clothes LineThe Versatile Space-efficient Clothes Line


Add complete flexibility to hanging

the washing and free up some space

you couldn’t have used before….


Up to 50 metres of usable line.
From 1 to 7 or up to 13 individual lines (if the span allows).
No space reduction, as with conventional, permanently installed lines.
You can install it almost anywhere.
Ugly, aged or unsightly lines can be completely removed and discarded.
When it is not needed, you can reel the line in and it’s gone.
No more waste of valuable space.
Simple to install for any handy person, or can be professionally installed by us.
Once installed, it takes a few minutes to hook up or retract the line.
Extend only as much line as you need.
Use your reclaimed space to increase your entertainment area!
Can also be installed in the garage or on the balcony.
Can be installed across corners on two adjacent walls.
Great flexibility as wall brackets need not be installed directly opposite each other.