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At d-zine hub ECO we are passionate about recycling and finding eco-friendly alternative ways of engineering for sustainability. We run a successful recycling programme, design and produce our own eco-friendly products and are delighted to assist you in “eco-nomising” your operations too. Contact us to find out how we can help you.
All projects and services are carried out with

  • 100% Re-use
  • 100% Re-purpose
  • 100% Re-cycle

with the goal of

  • 0% Waste

and guaranteed

  • 100% confidentiality.

d-zine hub ECO e-Waste Recycling Centre

d-zine hub ECO is certified for scrap and e-waste recycling. Help us help our planet by getting rid of all your e-waste and clutter. FREE collection in and around Gauteng.

We do guarantee 100% confidentiality and We do Collect For Free in and around the Gauteng area.

We do RE-Cycle

Any items that make it through to this stage are completely deconstructed and reduced to the smallest achievable level to be collected and reprocessed or sold as raw materials directly Re-use or to other streams

We do RE-Manufacture

Will completely refurbish and make the product like new for resale in our retail store with a limited guarantee

We do RE-Use

Any item brought in is carefully assessed for immediate transfer to the retail store after cleaning, packaging and pricing thereof

We do RE-Purpose

Any items not sent to the store are then assessed for the possibility of being re-furbished, re-conditioned, re-structured, re-purposed then may be re-used, reprocessed or re-cycled

We do RE-Process

Will physically treat waste and/or raw materials from this or any other waste streams and/or Re-use and/or Re-purpose



  • We do not put up a false front for the export of our e-Waste problem out of the country
  • We do not process our waste to a certain stage and then pass it on to another recycler to complete the job
  • We do not have any interest in your data so we 100% guarantee the destruction of it in everyone’s interests
  • We do not allow toxic fumes/gasses to escape into the atmosphere thus reducing our ECO footprint
  • We do not allow any of our waste to end up in landfills, thus reducing our ECO footprint even more

Office Equipment:-

Computers, Servers, Circuit Boards, Cables Plugs & Wiring, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers, Routers, Switches, UPS & Telephonic Equipment

Household Appliances:-

Cell Phones, Ozone Generators, Vacuum Cleaners, Irons, Steamers Lawn Mowers, Edge Trimmers and other Garden Implements

Kitchen Appliances:-

Stoves, Fridges, Deep Freezes, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Driers, Micro Waves, Toasters, Coffee Makers, Urns, Kettles & Food Mixers etc.

Other Household:-

TV & Video equipment, Cables Plugs & Wiring, Audio Equipment, Telephonic Equipment, Hair Dryers, Burglar Alarms & CCTV, Electric Scooters

Other Equipment:-

Electric Motors, Power Tools, Welders, Small Workshop Equipment, Band Saws, Circular Saws, Thicknessers, Planers, Air Compressors, Car Alternators, Car Starters, Wiper Motors etc.

If it’s not on the list but has wires, motors and / or electronic components in it or on it, we’ll take it!

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    We are a proud Member of the
    Institute of Inventors and Innovators

    d-zine hub ECO is licensed to recycle
    and e-Waste

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